About Us

 Sunday Riot is founded by three sisters who have always had a passion to create a community revolved by fashion. At first, our name was just something we liked together, but a year later it ended up meaning what we are now as a brand. We became known for our famous body hugging bodysuits, and also our whimsical dresses. Although, they were opposites, they made us who we are. We soon after realized, that’s exactly what Sunday Riot kinda means. Sunday is typically known as a day to get in a dress & Riot is typically known for the opposite. Fast forward today, we now only focus on high quality, unique dresses for every event as our Sunday line & high quality cozy lounge wear for the opposite days in our Riot line. We ditched anything in between because you truly get the best of both worlds. We appreciate you because you are now the community. We’re three imperfect sisters & business owners, learning everyday, so your support is everything. Thanks for being here 🤍